J W Mini Services

My name is Josh Willis and the Mini has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I was always determined that my first car would be a Mini and at 15 years old I got a 1992 Mayfair, in white, and was hooked. Since then I have travelled around Europe in Minis, including my Woody Traveller.

When I thought about what I wanted in a career I knew I wanted to do a job that I love and with the obvious choice being to work on Minis, I started J W Mini Services in 2010. Since then I have developed my knowledge of the bodywork, engine and mechanics of the Mini through restoration projects and repairs.

I have built J W Mini Services to offer a range of services to fulfil all your Mini needs. As the only employee I can guarantee a tailored, personal service with the care and attention to detail I would take on the Minis I own.

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